The « Associazione Culturale Musicale Sibelius » was founded by the Italian pianist Giovanna Conti in 2002, with the aim of “promoting any activity which improves artistic, moral and intellectual capabilities of members through the different methods of communication offered by the modern Science”. First dealing with Pedagogy and educational activity, from 2006 it focuses on The Biological Meaning of Music®, now melodia arcaica® / archaische Melodie®, a system based on Giovanna Conti’s research about the comparison between music and the Five Biological Laws of the Germanic New Medicine® discovered by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of the Sandefjord University whose Giovanna Conti was appointed as a professor.

Starting from the two-pahses course enounced by the Second Biological Law, the research actually compares the development of musical works to that of SBS programs.

The amazing connections resulted from the comparison have been applied to performing, so that a new holistic method of performing music came out, whereby composers, interpreters and listeners are considered as phenomena who share their archaic melody.

See at the page ‘Books’ of this website: Phenomethology of Music. Man and his Archaic Melody: A Phenomenon within Phenomena, Azzali, 2013.

Knowing the Second Biological Law and its biphasic course, it is possible to “use” Biology as a magnifying glass for reading music. Now we can comprehend the inner purpose of composers from another point of view, to share music as an evolutive experience.   This new approach to music offers a further opportunity to understand what’s really behind musical works, as well as to “heal” those conflicts which run as SBS programs. Composing, playing and listening music is a way of being involved with the healing vortex of the Cosmos mathematically represented by the logarithmic spiral and its natural, perfect development.